Marina Sapir, Ph.D.

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Qualification Overview

Key words: machine learning, bioinformatics, statistics, data analysis and data mining, scientific software and algorithm development, programming with C++, MatLab, SAS, R, MSAccess, Photoshop

Professional Experience

02.2010 - Current * metaPattern * Bar Harbor, ME * Machine Learning Consultant

Machine learning research. Creation of new methods and software for risk modeling, survival analysis and prediction for small samples / high dimensional data. Submitted SBIR grant application. Work as an independent contractor: application of statistical analysis in financial problems.

9.2010 -- 12.2010 * Merck * Machine Learning Consultant

Machine Learning, R: Discovery of the rules to distinguish toxic and non-toxic compounds. Built efficient predictive models, designed new features.

07.2004 -- 01.2010 * Aureon Laboratory *Yonkers, NY * Senior Machine Learning Scientist

The startup company successfully predicts of prostate cancer development using biomarkers. I contributed to the company success in the next areas:

08.2003 -- 07.2004 * University of Nebraska Medical Center * Consultant

Development of computational methods for discovery of a new knowledge in medical data. The methods are implemented in the software toolkit LogicMill (VC++). Application of the software on the several benchmark datasets proved its superiority in terms of interpretability and accuracy of the solutions.

06.2002 -- 03.2003 * University of Minnesota * Computational Genomics Consultant

Provided assistance in statistical analysis of genomics data, including tutorials for biologists, personal consulting and data analysis. Served as a liaison between the vendors and the users of the bioinformatics software. Developed data preprocessing and interpretation software.

08.2000 -- 04.2002 * Structural Proteomics * Fort Lee, NJ * Senior Computer Scientist

Developed software for computerized drug discovery. The software features molecular libraries analysis and high throughput screening, discovery of patterns of biological activity, search of compounds by similarity. The software was applied in a research project for a major pharmaceutical company. As a result, the effectiveness of search for new leads increased 100 times, comparing with original selective testing.

09.99 -- 08.2000 * The Jackson Laboratory Bar Harbor, ME * Research Associate

In collaboration with Dr. Churchill, I developed method for assessment of probability of differential gene expresion for RNA microarrays based on a single array. The idea served as foundation of many further statistical studies in various institutions, including University of Berkley. Designed and developed GUI software for modeling of microarray data. Presented the results on the international conference and made invited talks on this subject in universities and commercial companies.


Residence status: US citizen.

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